The INSUS Advantage

Transformational journey focusing on delivering sustainable solutions for industrial companies.

Specialized Expertise AI

Access to the latest cutting-edge Industrial automation and Machine Learning/ML technologies, specialized knowledge and experience that may not be available in-house.

Tailored solutions

Tailored to you! We listen and can adapt our delivery models according to your objectives and expectations to address specific challenges and drive sustainability in the industrial sector.


Gain cost efficiency and optimized resource allocation while maintaining high levels of quality by rapidly scaling up or down engineering services.

Time to Market

The ability to rapidly scale up or down engineering services to gain cost efficiency and optimized resource allocation while maintaining high levels of quality.

Insus | Industrial Sustainable Solutions
Our solutions

We are a unique mix of business, engineering and technology experts that bridges the gap between technical feasibility and real-world impact. INSUS offer the following portfolio of solutions:

  • Industrial Automation

    Streamline your operational processes, enhance efficiency and minimize human intervention in manufacturing by implementing devices to gather real-time data (Sensors), connect and integrate industrial devices (IIoT) to enable data-driven decision-making.

  • Data Science & AI

    After monitoring data, control the power of your data to extract real-time insights, to predict maintenance, to optimize your processes, to manage efficiently your resources or to reduce your waste.

  • Project & Business Process Management

    Drive your digital transformation by fostering adaptability, collaboration and efficient resource allocation to ensure successful project outcomes.

  • Managed Services

    Support, maintain and optimize your AI/ML powered solutions which are critical to ensure operational reliability and ensure continuous improvement for sustained productivity.

Innovation and Determination

We show up every day to make our mission a reality for our customers.

We enable you to accelerate your time to market by providing rapid access to specialized engineering services offering the ability to rapidly scale up to gain cost efficiency.

The Benefits

  • Latest cutting-edge technology

  • Specialized knowledge and experience

  • Tailored solutions leveraging AI/ML technologies

  • Flexible scalability

  • Seamless project execution with high levels of quality

  • Rapid access to specialized engineering services

Case Studies

Here are some of our developments and success stories where Insus made a change. Let us provide you with a tailor-made solution with a high degree of knowledge and experience.

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