What we do

Ensure monitoring and maintenance of AI/ML powered applications

Flexibility and Adaptability when integrating dynamic AI/ML technologies

Rapid iteration and feedback considering evolving business needs

Effective risk management by minimizing the impact of unforeseen challenges

The Value of INSUS

Ensure optimal performance

Including proactive maintenance, real-time monitoring, expert support, scalability, cost-effectiveness and ensuring seamless integration into client’s existing process and systems

Managed Services

Specialized managed services helps you to maintain and support your ML powered products and to ensure reduction of your run costs, uptime increase and performance improvement. Solution offering for IT managed services include:

Include monitoring and maintenance of your AI/ML powered applications and their associated infrastructure. Also performing maintenance tasks routines with the goal of improving performance.

Include providing technical support for the users using AI/ML powered products at different support levels (E.g. L1, L2, L3 as per ITIL framework).

Include partnering with experienced IT/Tech consultants with heavy industry experience who can help you to make informed decisions, reduce risks, improve efficiency and increase revenue when developing, deploying and maintaining ML models.

Tailored Solutions

The goal of our digital transformation agents are to lead and motivate teams, communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of stakeholders, focus on problem-solving, being able to think critically to rapidly adapt to project landscape changes.

Management of resources

Ultimately, the focus is on improving the management of resources like reduction of waste or improvement of energy efficiency, otherwise known as sustainable manufacturing.

Languages, Tools, Software

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning and Computer vision
  • Reporting & Data visualization: Data Studio, PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau
  • Programming Languages: Python, Java, Tensorflow, Scala, Spark, PyTorch
  • Website scripts: XML, JavaScript, JSON and SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, AI and ETL development, Imagine Aerial (drone photography and video).

Our Most Recent Projects

Here are some of our developments and success stories where Insus made a change. Let us provide you with a tailor-made solution with a high degree of knowledge and experience.

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IIoT and Industrial Automation

Project & Business Process Management

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